The GEARTAC K9 can be an asset for people who suffer from injuries such as shoulder problems or arm fatigue. The device is worn over your shoulder and hangs across your upper body, spreading the weight of a pulling dog across the whole back of the handler. It can increase the strength and support of the handler by spreading the load over approximately a two foot span of your back. The intent of the device is to rotate forward and backward in a four to seven o'clock manner. This rotation is critical in taking the strain off the handler unlike a hands free belt which is a solid connection and can cause injury to the lower back. When a dog pulls, the handler can stay upright and lean back instead of being yanked forward and taken off balance. It can also stop the dog from pulling and prevent the forward falling nature of holding a leash. The connection to your leash is now at the bottom of the GEARTAC K9 and lowers ones center of gravity by almost fifty percent. This can increase ones strength and allow the handler to become stronger and more stable in the event of a pulling dog. This is why the device can be so helpful for people who suffer from injuries such as shoulder and arm fatigue. It is also a great product for people with disabilities such as Epilepsy, MS, and hearing impairment or for anyone who has a service dog.